College Degree Never Pays off, or Does it?

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College Degree Never Pays off, or Does it?

We all know that the salary of an average college graduate is higher than a high school educated person. The ones who graduated from college and still getting a low salary might not be working in the right place. However, college graduates getting an appropriate amount of salary is rare. Many students who are working while completing their college education are struggling in the present time. Work experience is necessary to land a good job after graduation, so the struggle is a must scenario. If I tell you my story, I enrolled myself in an online college rather than on-campus life. So, I could take my online classes for me and spend my time on work as well.

With time, the expense of getting a college education is amplifying. It is making an upsurge in student debt as well. Students are now focusing more on their after-graduation life. What they will become and how much they will earn after completing their particular college program. The impact of this mentality and trend is forcing colleges to focus more on students’ jobs. 

25% or more graduates are in trouble because of their burden of educational loan debt. In line with research on student debt, 6 out of 10 college graduates have an average amount of debt of around 28,000$ per graduate. Subsequently, colleges should focus on their fee structure more. If the amount of money for a particular program is affordable or not. Whether these colleges are helping students to get good earning jobs after completing their specific degrees.

The Common Myth About College Degree

Most probably, you have heard many myths regarding college degrees related to getting well-paying jobs in the marketplace. Because it is common among us. We always get told that if we want a good comfortable job, then we must get a college degree for it. We usually hear this because the chances of getting jobs between the ones who graduated from college and those who are not are high.

However, in many scenarios, you may hear that an individual is getting a handsome salary without even graduating from college. Well, this can be true, but with several exceptions. First of all, we do not know if they really didn’t graduate from college. Comparably, college degrees and education can save individuals from unemployment. The Chances are high that the ones who have a college degree will never be unemployed. They may get a low salary but still will not suffer from unemployment.

One more thing, our decisions can play a significant role in our employment. For example, many people do not choose a suitable firm for themselves, and it leads to a low salary scale. Many of you know people who have been working as social working or in the early childhood education sector. These professions did not pay well, and many people are not eligible for this position without a college degree still. 

It suggests that the work competition became tough in recent years and how much you need a college degree. Perhaps individuals should focus more on finding themselves well-paying jobs, instead of just getting employed.

Employment Opportunities among Different Fields

Students who are learning in engineering or technical fields will be able to land well-paying jobs after completing their graduation. On the other hand, students studying the ordinary liberal arts and history subjects are least to get jobs. They have to gain work experience and skills to get to a point where they start earning a good salary. 

In a condition where you are getting a free education from college is good and you should go. It is an amazing opportunity for us to learn anything without any cost. But when there is a cost upon education, the scenario becomes a bit different. When you enroll yourself in a program where you have to pay for it. You will expect a beneficial amount of return after completing your graduation. Thus, if you do not get enough salary after completing your education, you will get disappointed. But in cost-free education, your salary will never seem bad because you have not paid for your education.

College VS School Worth

Many people think that the worth of college graduates is the same as high school education students. The only thing matter is the college degree between college graduates and school-educated students. But it is a mistake, and things do not work in that way. School students will never be the same, as college graduates know how to act professionally. Additionally, college life teaches us many things, aside from our core study. 

That is what makes college graduates different from school students. Therefore, this is the reason why college graduates can get high-salary jobs easily against standard school students. Many employers only want college graduates, as the degree matters a lot. Finishing college is a really troublesome task, and it offers a lot of success and achievements to us. 

In comparison, the ones who graduated from college are way different than the one who does not. There are many changes and improved actions we can differentiate between both of them. College graduates are more creative, sensible, and can solve various problems easily. It is all because of the difficult college journey they have been through. In comparison, a school student will only think to a particular level. So the concept of college graduates is the same as school students is not appropriate. 

A Matter of Time

This factor may disappoint some parents, so be prepared for it. If students enroll themselves in a 4-year program, perhaps they will not be able to complete it in 4 years. Chances are high that the education period would take a bit more than that. 

According to educational research, just 40% of college graduates complete their journeys within four years on time. The rest 60% of graduates need around 5 to 6 years to get their degrees. It is so shocking a scenario that you might think my child is not the same. But believe me, it does not base upon the student’s past academic performance. College life is tough, and getting a degree in four years is even tougher. 


According to the surveys conducted with different employers, most employers does not focus on degree and qualifications. They want an individual with work-life experience and personal life experience as well. It has nothing to deal with academic performance. If a student does not have a college degree, then extracurricular activities and work experience can fill the gap. An employer will hire you by knowing that you have a particular work experience. The research finally concluded at employers demand responsible candidates more than anything else.

So, what do you think now? Do you still think that a college degree never pays off? Or perhaps you changed your mind. It does not really matter what you think. The matter is what worth a college degree holds in the marketplace. Furthermore, college expenses can be really frightening. It can sometimes even be larger than the average expense of the family home. I was not able to afford an on-campus life so that I registered myself in an online college. Also, I worked a part-time job while completing my college academics. That is why I online class helpYou can also enroll yourself in an online desired program.

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