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How to Find Topics for Guest Posts

Finding good topics for the guest post can be troublesome if you are unaware of some factors. However, some guidance can help you find ideal topics. Although, finding topics for guest posts seem like a piece of cake task. Yet, things are not that easy because Google brings SEO updates every few days. It makes the topic selection process rigid for optimizers. That is why you have to follow some specific factors in general to find top-notch topics for guest posts. 

If you are an optimizer who wants to find good topics for your guest post, this article is a perfect match for you. We will show you excellent ways to find topics for a guest post, step by step. At the end of our post, you will be able to find ideal topics for your audience. So focus highly on the guide you will see below. 

Ways to Find Ideal Topics for Guest Posts

Many search engine optimizers are students, and it is brilliant to see students earning sideways. SEO is a friendly field that students can pursue together with their academics. Also, online learning took over during the pandemic. Now, students can enroll in online degree programs and work alongside them efficiently. They can even ask their friends or family to Take My Online Class if they are too busy working. Anyway, let’s get to the topic again. Yes, you wanted to know a way to find ideal topics for a guest post. Well, here are the ways.

Understand Your Audience 

There is no magic in finding an ideal topic for a guest post. One of the best ways to find good topics is to understand your audience first. You have to know for whom you are writing for a topic. Regardless that your topic will impress your targeted audience. If not, then you have wasted your time and efforts. Keep an eye on the people who visit your websites. Search topics for them, write for them and convince them. It was never about you. So, step up, find some great insights about your audience and try to understand what they want.

Be Aware Of the Google Updates

Remember, speed matters a lot in SEO. Google brings updates day after day. You have to work speedily. If you do not understand the importance of speed here, no worries. Here is a demo. For example, if Google brings a big update, you can speedily study and understand it to work accordingly. This way, you can find a topic suitable for the update or about the update that no one has ever written yet. These topics would be ideal because you will be the only one on the internet with such topics.

Thus, Google itself plays a vital role in helping you find suitable guest post topics. If you are unaware of the latest updates, you will never be able to find the topics you desire. So alongside understanding your audience, understand what Google says in the latest SEO updates. 

Avoid Old Content

Outdated content is the enemy of websites. Many websites do not get the right number of visitors due to uploading old content. Also, many search engine optimizers use old optimizing and keywords generating tools that once belonged to 2016 or 2017. Those tools could have been good five years ago. However, using the same tools in 2022 will not potentially benefit you. Thus, avoid using old SEO tools and content while finding topics for a guest post. Else, you will find a topic that will profit you nothing.

No matter how excellently written your old content is. If it does not meet the latest Google post criteria, it will not be profitable. Thus, instead of wasting your time improving your old content, try finding new topics that fit well today. 

Follow Insights

Look for your previous guest posts. Find which ones of them offered you high insights and benefits. You have to observe their topics, audience, and approach. Afterward, find a topic similar to them. Statistics do not lie. Presenting a similar topic having a high audience insight can be profitable for a guest post. In this way, you do not even have to spend time searching for a topic. 

If you have no idea of checking the insights properly of your posts, no worries. Many blog’s insights generators are available on the internet to help you understand everything. Most of these tools are free, while some may charge money. 

Think of Multiple Domains

Most people think of the same area when they tend to find a topic for their guest post. For example, if someone wants to find a topic related to artificial intelligence, they will not think of any other domain rather than AI. However, it can be significantly beneficial to think of multiple domains and connect them together while finding a topic. This way, you can target multiple audiences within a single post. 

Perhaps you wonder how to think or merge different domains’ topics into one. Well, here is my example of this. First, you have to find the link between two areas, content and SEO. These two domains share a link together, such as you cannot rank your content without SEO and cannot rank your website without content. Thus, like this, find a topic that has two different domains. 


If you are an online student doing part-time SEO work and asking your friends or family to Take My Online Class, stop it. The above tips can help you solve many of your topic selection problems. If you follow them accordingly with Google’s SEO update, they will benefit you. Make your SEO work-friendly, not a burden to yourself. I believe the above tips can reduce your work burden and help you achieve your work objectives.

Besides, if things do not work according to your plan in SEO, do not worry. Sometimes, even a tiny update ruins many websites and their content strategy. On the other hand, the same update boosts the ranks of under-ranked websites. Thus, be patient and understand the latest updates to get potential benefits.

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