Is Homework an Important Tool for Learning in the Online Classroom?

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Is Homework an Important Tool for Learning in the Online Classroom?

Whether homework is vital for students’ growth or not is a never-ending debatable topic. No matter what learning way you choose to study, homework is everywhere. Students these days favor online learning, as it offers flexibility. However, they still are upset by homework. The fun fact is that online learning has more coursework in it. It means students will need to complete lots of tasks every week. That is why students often seek Homework Help from the internet. Yet, homework is sort of crucial in online learning.

People, in all decades, were and are curious to know the importance of homework. Some people believe coursework is a vital tool for learning. On the other hand, some say it is a burden upon students, nothing more than that. This article can help you understand the importance of homework. Also, you will get to know the pros and cons of homework in online learning.

Importance of Homework

Homework has helped teachers in assessing the knowledge of students for many years. Although, it is a vital help for both students and teachers. Yet, some people dislike the method of allotting coursework. Most of these people are unaware of the importance of coursework. If it is a part of education, it must have something vital to deal with students’ growth.

Some people think homework is useless in online learning or any form of learning. However, they may have misconceptions. The importance of homework in academics can change their mindset. Know that assignments in online courses are critical. Why? Because there is no practical activity in online classes. Thus, students just have to attend their classes through a laptop. 

Also, homework helps teachers to assess and track students’ progress efficiently. For example, imagine there is no homework. You just have to deal with the final exams once to complete the course. Now, students can pay an expert to deal with their final exams and get high grades. However, most students cannot afford to hire experts when it comes to completing the assignments. This way, the students have to deal with homework on their own. Homework is a practice to recall course material time after time. Therefore, it is vital in the academic world.

Quantity of Homework

Everything feels good if we get a limited amount of it. In the same way, a ton of homework can ruin students’ growth. Many academic researchers say that homework is vital in developing students. It makes them productive and teaches them how to manage time properly. However, they also say that giving too much coursework to students can be ineffective. This way, they cannot spend time on themselves. Thus, it leads them toward mental burnout. That is why the quantity of homework matters significantly.

There is no doubt online courses have more homework to offer for students. It happens for a reason. The coursework trains students for professional life. In simple words, it fulfills the needs of practicality and lab work. That is why it is an important tool in online learning. Yet, it does not mean that professors should assign dozens of tasks to complete in a day.

Homework Pros and Cons

People who support homework believe it is vital in online learning. On the other hand, people who oppose it are not wrong about it. It means coursework is both helpful and harmful at the same time. The most common query of people in opposition to homework is why it affects students’ final grades.

In many online courses, the homework score adds to the final grade. The students do not solely get a course grade relying upon the exam. If they did well in exams but not in their homework, they may get an unexpected grade. Thus, the majority of people do not favor this. Besides, here are some pros and cons of homework in online learning.

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Improved Study Skills

Homework helps us recall the course material after the class. Whatever we learn during the class, homework ensures we do not forget the lesson shortly. Also, it tells the teacher where students lack. For example, if ten out of thirteen students get poor scores in their homework, the teacher can easily figure out that they did not get the concept properly. This way, the teacher can set up a makeup class to help students learn about the specific topic again.

Lack of Time for Yourself

Aside from the benefits of coursework, it harms students in many ways. Students often take their academics so seriously that they forget to give time to their hobbies and themselves. Even they lose interest in spending time with family and friends. It is a huge loss to a student’s social skills. That is why everything works well if we get it limited.

Indeed, online learning helps us manage time, as we can take our online classes any time. However, the excessive amount of homework does not let us spend time on anything after the classes. All this leads to a lack of time and higher stress levels.

Excellent Preparation Way

Both the supporters and people who oppose homework believe that it is an excellent way to prepare for exams. There is no doubt that online learning offers plenty of tasks to complete weekly. However, the coursework is simply helping you be ready to thrive in the final exams.


People, who oppose and support coursework, are both valid. Everything has pros and cons, and excessive allocation of tasks can be rigid. However, coursework still has value in the academic world. Teachers should not stop giving homework, as it helps students practice the course material efficiently. Yet, they should not assign excessive homework and make students mentally ill. Students these days have to manage many things alongside education. Thus, teachers should know this fact and assign homework accordingly. Else, students would get no option but to use Homework Help services to complete the coursework. Besides, know that homework is not leaving us any sooner. The concept of homework has been living with us for decades. However, the more we are advancing, academic researchers are trying to ease education for students. Thus, so hope for a balanced homework outline in the future.

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