How Can I Increase My Brain Power Before an Exam?

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How Can I Increase My Brain Power Before an Exam?

Are your exams ahead of you? Are you looking for ways to prepare your brain before the exam? Many students ask these questions. They want to know how to go for exams well prepared. Most of the time revising for the exam itself is not enough. You have to take care of other aspects to ensure an active mind during exams. Do you remember that time when you had studied so well but while writing the exam you could not recall anything?

Well, don’t worry anymore. This blog will explore ways you can increase your brain power before sitting for an exam.

Tips To Increase Brain Power Before Exam

Work Out

A very important factor that is mostly overlooked is working out. Moving and stretching all increase blood flow in your system, especially to your brain.

Working out can make you feel more active and fresh. This is the reason why many recommend taking walks between long study sessions. People who do not work out or sit for long hours during the day can become lazy. So avoid the habit of not working out. Allow your body and mind to breathe by exercising. It does not have to be a 10-step-long routine but simply 20 minutes of brisk walking can help boost your brain power.

Sleep Well

Sleeping well before an exam is very important. It is a proven factor that sleeping well makes you feel refreshed and energetic. For studies especially it is necessary that you have quality sleep every night.

Students usually make the mistake of studying for long hours during the night. This has the opposite effect on your brain than you may think. Sleeping for at least the recommended 8 hours is crucial. If you are not doing so then you can find yourself lacking during the exam. You will feel lazy and your brain power would be reduced. So, wrap up your studies before night, especially if you have an exam in the morning.

Take Enough Breaks

Understandably you need to revise before your exams. Do so, but make sure not to study for long hours straight away. Take short breaks between your studying sessions. This is important because your brain needs time to process information.

Studying for long hours without break would reduce the efficiency of your brain. In fact, you may end up studying long hours for no reason. So, take a break preferably after every 45 minutes of studying. You can engage in other activities during these breaks. Take a 10 minutes walk or play a short game that will allow your mind to relax for a bit. Taking this approach will keep you active and motivated to study.

Eat Dry Fruits

Dry fruits are filled with nutrients that increase your brain power. Hence, feed yourself some dry fruits before an exam.

Dry fruits are proven to improve brain health. You may have even come across advertisements that claim to make you smarter and provide dry nuts as a solution. They seem like a scam but they actually are not. Take the example of walnuts. These are rich in DHA a nutrient that improves brain health.

So maybe saying dry nuts will make you smarter is a stretch by far, but it is not entirely wrong. Dry fruits can enhance your brain power. Some dry fruits you can eat are walnuts, cashew, and almonds.

Avoid Mindless Scrolling

Don’t scroll for hours through your phone before an exam. This makes your brain lazy and shut down. Mindless scrolling helps you achieve nothing useful. Hence, you need to rather take part in activities that wake your brain up.

Drink Loads Of Water

Staying hydrated is very important. Not only your body but also your brain needs hydration to stay active. It is a proven fact that drinking water uplifts your overall mood. This stems from the same idea that drinking water improves brain health.

Use Smart Study Strategies

Don’t waste your time on useless studying strategies. This only makes your brain overwork and achieve very little. So, use smart and creative strategies when revising or overall studying for your exam.

Some strategies you can use are revising from cue cards or playing relevant educational games. This keeps studying fun and exciting all the while not overworking your brain. So, use these strategies before sitting for an exam to enhance your brain power.


In summary, there are some easy steps that you should follow to increase your brain power before an exam. These steps include working out, getting a good amount and quality of sleep, staying hydrated, and so on. You can enhance your brain activity with Do My Online Class. You can also make them a daily habit so you can achieve efficiency in your work overall. Also, try applying other steps like using smart study techniques and taking frequent breaks to increase your brain power.

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