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7 Negative Impact of Social Media on Students

We use social media daily. It became our habit. Social media exists for everyone, no matter we are students or workers. Besides, students always want something to run away from academics, and social media fulfills their wish. However, social media do not solely feed us joy but also has negative impacts. These platforms are simply productivity killers for online learners, as they have no restrictions. A student gets so busy using social media that they think I will Do My Online Class later. Well, does social media worth more than education? 

Therefore, for students who are unaware of the negative impacts of social media, this article can be life-saving. We will discuss the common seven impacts of social media that ruin students’ academic performance. So stick to the end and think a hundred times about your routine after knowing the negative impacts.

The Top 7 Negative Impact of Social Media on Students

People use social media to talk to others in a convenient way. Meanwhile, some use these platforms just to entertain themselves. Yet, do you know students can use social media for educational use? Sadly, they choose to run away from their academics and reality by using social media. 

Many students do not realize what harmful impacts they get from social media. If they look deeply, most of the students have sleeping problems, anxiety, inferiority complexes, psychological disorders, and many more. They develop most of these issues by excessive use of social media.

Moreover, the overuse of social media creates future problems for students. It does not solely affect mental health but physical health as well. Students these days are at a high risk of catching plenty of health problems if they keep using social media without knowing the negative impacts. That is why we are here to help you understand how it affects your life. Below are seven negative impacts that social media leaves on students.

Harmful Sleep Patterns

Many psychologists say students these days are having higher stress levels than ever. They think the reason behind it is social media. Why? Because students overly use social media and often at bedtime. Students do not realize the amount of time they spend on these platforms. Thus, it leads them toward anxiety, depression, and harmful sleep patterns. Many studies showed social media harms students’ sleeping patterns. 

Therefore, if you feel that you cannot get enough sleep or your sleep patterns are odd, try leaving social media for some time. You will see the change by yourself. This way, you will get good sleep and be productive again. A sleepy person lacks 60% of the productivity they can offer while being active. 


Do you know that social media are more addictive than any drug? In recent years, parents have often blamed video games for addiction. However, students, these days are not addicted to games and stuff but to social media. Everyone checks their social media accounts often to see whether someone has messaged them or not. Plus, a single notification can consume an hour of yours. Thus, it is a strong addiction that most people neglect. 

If you think social media is not a powerful addiction, try recalling the last time you spent a day without using it. Cannot remember? That is where the trouble begins. Social media holds over our minds, as even if someone unfollows you on Instagram, you feel rejected. That is how little things on social media disrupt students from living a peaceful life. 

Physical Inactivity

The majority of students learn online these days. It is already harmful to students, as they cannot do any physical activity while taking an online class. Plus, when they get over their online classes, they often use social media instead of physical activities. Thus, it makes them physically inactive, which causes many health issues later. 

Emotional Distress

Have you ever felt left out by seeing a post or story of your friends hanging out together without inviting you? Or does it make you feel rejected when someone you know removes you from their social account? People often face emotional distress following these conditions. If you think deeply, these actions are stupid. Yet, they still affect students’ emotions and ruin their mental health.

Eye Fatigue

You are not solely disturbing your sleep and mental health but your eyesight as well. When we stare at a computer screen for a long time, our eyes start to burn. What happens at the back is the light that the screen emits makes our eyes tired. Thus, it leads us to eye fatigue. 


Every student is aware of cyberbullying. It happens the most in a student’s life. There are some students who find it hard to survive in campus life. Therefore, they make mistakes, and their strange behavior gives the bullies a reason to bully them. Although, it is difficult to do in real-life, as it is unbearable, and the public will stop bullies at any cost. However, no one knows what is happening with someone on the internet. Therefore, cyberbullying is common among students and often takes place on social media

Poor Time Management

Marketers want everyone to use social media as much as they can. They have to promote their products and market their businesses. Thus, they provide engaging content that drags our attention toward it. Sadly, it does not matter to them that you are a student and social media leaves a negative impact on you. They do not care about your time, health, and academics, as they just want to generate more sales. The affection for social media blinds students’ time management skills.


We hope now you understand the negative side of social media. Students think it is fun to use these platforms. Yet, they do not know what impact it is leaving on them. Social media offers more harm than joy to students. Therefore, instead of wasting time on social media and asking someone to Do My Online Class for me, limit the use of social media. The changes will be observable.

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