The Secret Sauce of Getting Good Grades in Your Exam

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The Secret Sauce of Getting Good Grades in Your Exam

No matter how much we study sometimes, we can’t seem to get those A+ grades. Many students have these complaints. They just don’t know what they are doing wrong. The real reason is that most of the time our approach to studying is not good enough. We work hard but our steps are not practical. You may have read many blogs making the claim of knowing the right techniques.

The truth is that the secret sauces to getting good grades are very simple. You must have even heard of them. You might ask, why then am I not achieving good grades? The reason is that you either are not applying these techniques or applying them wrong. This blog aims to explain these simple but effective techniques to help you get good grades.

The Secret Sauce Of Getting Good Grades In Your Exam

Be active in Class

Most of your studying takes place in the classroom. As much as this may sound cliché, it is actually true. Students who pay attention during class can do most of their studying within the lecture time. Being active in class and paying attention is really beneficial. Get yourself to focus on the concepts.

These are the main hurdles that show up later on during exam preparation. This is the technique of A-graders as well. Once you have studied well during the lecture you would not need to devote extra hours after class. Hence, make this a habit. Be attentive during the class and understand the concepts with clarity.

Make your own notes

Students forgo making notes. In fact, it has become the norm for many students to not take notes and later study with the help of online resources. Some would even take notes from their peers. You may ask why is that bad? The answer is obvious.

When you make your own notes, you help your mind solidify information. You will also be able to pay attention to the little details that are often overlooked. Writing down is a proven method for effective studying.

Another benefit that making your own notes has is that you will easily recall information. We all have experienced last-minute preparation. When we are going over the study material a couple of minutes before the exam. It is stressful and honestly has no benefit.

It often even mixes information and concepts in our brains. However, if you have your own hand-written notes then you would observe that it helps in revision. The entire process is quick and effortless. This happens because recalling information is easier when you can picture it written down. The best way is by writing it down yourself.

Know your teachers!

This is another important point of this list. The reason is that many of us overlook truly understanding our teachers. Just as it is important for our teachers to know us so that they can teach us better, we should also know them. The reason is that knowing your teachers would help you to realize what expectations they hold from you. An A-grade exam answer sheet looks different for a different teacher. Not every professor is looking for the same qualities in a student. It varies and is possibly based on the different subjects.

So, you must give importance to knowing your teachers. This does not mean that you begin asking them personal questions. Rather what knowing your teacher entails is that you observe what answers they appreciate and what they don’t. Also, listen keenly to their instructions especially those related to how you should perform in your exams. These are the tips for getting an excellent grade.

Study regularly

This is a tip we are all aware of. However, it is not easy to make this a habit. Try to study every day. Even if it means you study for 30 or 40 minutes. It is important to approach huge tasks in small steps. Devote a little of your time every day to revise your concepts. If you study in this manner, you will not require much practice before exams.  

Be motivated to study

Lastly, be motivated to study. Keep yourself refreshed and focused. Take breaks when you have studied for long hours. Otherwise, you may become overwhelmed and give up studying overall. If there is no motivation you can find yourself lacking in other aspects as well.


So, now you know the secret sauce to getting good grades. It is the combination of all these different techniques. None of these tips must be new to you. We are all aware of them. However, the real deal is to Do My Class on how to master them by making them a habit. Begin by paying attention in lectures and making your own notes. It is also necessary to understand the expectations of your teacher and work accordingly. Study regularly even if it is for 30 minutes, but make it a habit. Lastly, keep your motivation high. Without it, you will not be able to follow any of the other tips and techniques.

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