Advantages & Disadvantages of Studying Abroad in a Foreign Country?

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Studying Abroad in a Foreign Country?

Studying abroad has a lot of benefits. Especially if your host country is a developed country. Taking online classes helps to roam around the city with its famous tram services, you can do whatever you like. In my experience, I was very lucky. I made new friends, landed a job as a barista, and gained some international technology skills. Though the first few months were tough as I was not on scholarship, had limited money, and wanted to spend on a budget, still, eventually, I managed it all. From finding the accommodation to roaming around the city for groceries, I had an amazing experience overall. 

For everyone planning to apply for their student visa, I request you all to please don’t keep your hopes very high. There are benefits as well as demerits. Living alone in a foreign country is not easy. Therefore, first, make up your mind and then make any decision. In the following part of this article, here are some advantages and some disadvantages that you must consider having a thought on! 


Exposure to Numerous Cultures

I loved the fact that I had the exposure to people from different cultural backgrounds as I love socializing but some students hated this benefit. If you are an extrovert and love to interact with people, you will love meeting different people. Some of their cultures will be similar to yours and some will be a lot different but all of them will have something new for you to learn. Find out about their food, custom, values, etc. and I swear you’ll have a good time.

Better Learning Opportunities

Before we proceed with this point, I would like to ask you a question. Why are you planning to leave your home and settle in a completely new country just for the sake of education? Just to pick good courses the universities there offer and improve your career prospect, right? This is the most common reason for every student to migrate. There are countries like the US, UK, Canada, Australia, etc. where students today are considering moving and starting their careers. All because universities in these countries offer excellent learning opportunities.  

Better Personal Development

There is no way better to improve yourself and work on your development than Studying abroad in a foreign country. When you are completely dependent on yourself and have time to look after your traits and actions, you come up with a better and stronger character. You also learn some great soft skills like time management and problem-solving as you encounter all the issues yourself. The more time you spend alone analyzing yourself, the more you realize the significance of self-discipline. This practice boosts your confidence and helps you meet your life goals.

Life-Changing Opportunities 

New places are always key to new opportunities. Once you realize this, life becomes easy and rewarding for you. Every new chance you meet brings a hope for better future. Though your life will see a 180-degree shift for a few years it will bring a positive change. You will find better job opportunities and life-changing career openings. If you are ready to welcome them all, you are set to apply for your study visa.

Adds Weight to Your Resume 

Well, you might find this a biased point but being a recruiter myself I know employers prefer to hire candidates who are abroad graduates. This is because these people have better work ethics and are more adaptive to learning. When you travel often, you are open to accepting different points of view, so there is always lesser drama with such applicants.


High Study Cost 

If you are not on a scholarship and belong to a middle-class or upper-middle-class family, you might have a hard time managing your living expenses. Living cost in all developed countries is high and this rising inflation is affecting everyone. Students Studying abroad have to see a lot of financial obstacles and hurdles. I won’t lie but studying abroad can be extremely expensive. If you have any relatives who can offer you accommodation, go for it as most of the students landing abroad for studies have a hard time finding a reasonable place to live.

Language Barrier 

If you have not learned the official language of your host country to be yet, please do it as soon as possible. Remember, you cannot carry a translator everywhere. Many locals offer online courses to teach local languages, you can enroll in them or at least pick up some common words and phrases. Many students make a mistake and take this point very lightly. They are never serious until they find it hard to communicate with the locals, so never overlook learning the official language of the country you are planning to land.


Many students have to face discrimination in their host school and country. It could be because of your color, religion, caste, creed, gender, etc. In many countries, students still have to face differences if they have any disability or belong to another race. So, yes, you will have to come mentally prepared for it.

No Friends and Family

The hardest of all! This is the disadvantage I felt the most. I was a complete stranger in a new country and I would often feel alienated with no one around me. Earlier I legit used to envy families whom I would see enjoying their food, having a nice table talk, etc. Until I found a part-time job and started working as a barista I would always feel homesick because of no friends or family around. Later a group of some crazy people adopted me and then I started hanging out with them. However, you have to be very careful while making friends. Otherwise, you can really have some haunting experiences.

Wrapping Up

If you ever think you need the Best Online Class Help in a foreign country, don’t just directly ask your mates. Otherwise, they’ll trick you and complain to the teacher. Instead, check out some review sites or post your query on social media platforms. I am sure you will soon find someone who can lend you their supporting hand. Good Luck! ☺

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