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How Can We Use Hashtags in Meta Description

The meta description is a key part of SEO. It is vital and plays a crucial role in helping your content rank at the top of Google ranking systems. Yet, meta descriptions are mysteries themselves. Many search engine optimizers wonder how they could change the type of meta descriptions to go far beyond. Well, that is what we will be showing you in this article. So be patient and use the guidance that you will see below to get profitable results. 

Search engine optimizers have to continue learning from Google updates to rank their websites high. That is very annoying because Google throws updates regarding SEO changes every few days. Remember, some changes bring benefits, whereas some factors get upset in each of Google’s updates. Yet, one thing that nearly remains the same is the meta description. Perhaps you want to learn different ways to write a meta description. What if we use hashtags in the meta description. Would it work? Let’s find out. 

Using Hashtags in Meta Description

Many search engine optimizers are curious to try bringing hashtags in the meta description. You might be wondering whether there is any downside to putting hashtags to your meta description or not? Well, there is no restriction on using hashtags in meta descriptions. Also, Google’s latest update stated that we could use hashtags in the meta description. However, the update did not highlight any pros and cons of it. Therefore, executing this idea is risky. However, you can follow these guidelines while putting hashtags in meta description:

  • Try adding hashtags in meta descriptions on new websites. If your website is already on the top of Google’s ranking list, implementing something new can hurt its rankings. On the other hand, you can experiment with working on a new website and find whether hashtags work well in meta descriptions.
  • Watch out for any popular brand’s website’s meta description. If you find a well-known website having hashtags in its meta description, it hints that this idea is good to use. Why? Because a well-known website would never use an inappropriate strategy, as it could put their rankings at stake.
  • Use one-word hashtags. For example, this “#youmust” hashtag has two words without any space. Therefore, Google will count it as one, as you have used a hash sign before them. If you are thinking to use underscore “_” to join multiple words in a hashtag, like “#you_must”, do not. There is no need to do that, and it will unnecessarily take your meta description’s space.

Make Them Simple

You have to keep the hashtags as simple as possible in the meta description. For example, if your website offers academic support, do not use hashtags like “#academicsupport” or “professionaleducationalhelp”. Here, you have to only tell the readers that you provide, for example, Best Online Class Help services. Therefore, your hashtag should be simple, like #onlineclasshelp”.

Consider Hashtag’s Length

Hashtags look good if they possess a short length, such as a single word. In the same way, you have to keep hashtags for your meta description short. No one asks you to put a whole sentence in the form of a hashtag. Thus, avoid lengthy hashtags, as they may provide you with upsetting results.

Write for Audience

You have to see the bigger picture from your audience’s perspective. There are high chances that your audience would search for a different word, whereas you add way different hashtags in the meta description. That is why first you have to collect data from your audience. Look at what they search for and which words their search questions often contain. Afterward, get a keyword out of them and use them as hashtags. 


I hope this article helps you understand the use of hashtags in the meta description according to the Google update. Many search engine optimizers were curious to add hashtags in the meta descriptions. I believe now is the time to try it. Thus, follow the above guide carefully and experiment working on the new Google SEO update.

Besides, it is totally understandable that you cannot devote time to read lengthy updates on Google. Most optimizers are students, struggling to complete their education, and it is good that they work and study together. Luckily, they can hire Best Online Class Help services to get a helping hand in completing the homework so they can spare some time on the SEO. 

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